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Inside the incredibly adorable long distance friendship of Ariana Grande and Jonathan Bailey

They met on the set of Wicked and have been besties ever since

The hottest show on Netflix right now, Bridgerton has us all in a chokehold whilst we find out what happens next in the whirlwind romance between Penelope and Colin. But despite being married off in season two, Anthony Bridgerton is still a prominent figure in the series and is still very much an icon. That happens to be the case with Jonathan Bailey himself, and no other than Ariana Grande is utterly obsessed with him too. The pair are actual besties after working together on movie projects and their support for one another is low-key adorable. They get up to all sorts together, so here’s a look inside the adorable friendship of Ariana Grande and Jonathan Bailey.

Ariana and Jonathan met in 2022 after being cast for Wicked

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After being cast to star alongside one another in the new movie production, Wicked, Jonathan and Ariana quickly became best friends. The film is due to hit cinemas in November and will see Ariana play Glinda and Jonathan play Fiyero.

They soon became besties, attending Wimbledon together in 2023

Despite living across the pond from one another, Ariana and Jonathan manage to keep their friendship strong, even attending Wimbledon together in July last year. After the matches, the pair posed for photos, laughed together and allegedly had a few too many drinks, with videos of them frolicking around a residential area doing the rounds online. Ariana shared a carousel on Instagram of their day out and it looked like they had the best time, albeit being a bit chaotic.

Their long distance friendship is incredibly supportive

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Celebrating his big win at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Jonathan shared a photo of himself looking more than chuffed with a whopping great trophy. Winning Best Supporting Actor in a Movie back in January, he posted the photo on Instagram, where Ariana shared her support from afar. Alongside a series of proud emojis, she wrote: “My heart! Nobody more deserving”.

They catch up as much as possible, including at Wicked cast meet ups

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Ariana and Jonathan got together super recently back in April after meeting up with Cynthia Erivo for a full Wicked reunion. Jonathan posted a photo of the trio laughing together on Instagram and they all look the picture of happiness. What a blessing that they met before Wicked, or we wouldn’t be able to watch as their friendship continues to blossom.

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