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Gottmik responds after Drag Race fans clock her for copying comedy routine from Nikki Glaser

The jokes were almost word for word the same

Gottmik, the legendary drag queen currently competing in season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, has come under fire for seemingly copying comedian Nikki Glaser in this week’s episode, which saw the queens do the roast challenge. Gottmik has now addressed the backlash after fans made a video on Twitter putting clips of Nikki Glaser standup side by side with Mik’s performance in the episode and evidencing that it was nearly word for word the same.

Gottmik got a lot of laughs for her standup routine where she delivered some zinger lines, but Twitter quickly pointed out where she got the one liners from. The above video has now had 3.6 million views and shows lines like “I don’t wanna badmouth you because God already did” were ripped directly from Glaser, and others like “I wanna thank you for consistently fighting the war on terrorism, and subtlety” were tweaked – with Mik replacing the word terrorism with homophobia.

Addressing the backlash, Gottmik said “Wait do you guys think everyone wrote their jokes!? Lol. Nikki is my queen so reworking a few of her jokes was a duh for me. Love her.”

The tweet didn’t go down too well – with a lot of fans calling out the tweet and asking if World of Wonder, the production company behind Drag Race, knew about Gottmik using material from Nikki Glaser that wasn’t her own. One of the most savage replies to Gottmik responding to the Drag Race All Stars fiasco came from season six winner Bianca Del Rio. Del Rio won the comedy challenge of her season and works as a professional standup and is known for being one of the funniest queens to ever be in the franchise.

Seemingly responding to the comment implying she isn’t the only one to borrow materials from famous comedians, Bianca simply said “OK” with a thumbs up emoji. Nikki Glaser is yet to comment on the whole fiasco.


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