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Here’s a breakdown of the insane amounts of money queens have spent to go on Drag Race

Icesis Couture spent $70k to compete on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

As RuPaul’s Drag Race becomes a bigger juggernaut across the globe, the money queens spend on looks to wear on the show increases to an eyewatering peak. The financial burden of going on Drag Race is nothing to sniff at – the investment for even a standard season of the show has to be substantial and not off the rack – lest you face the wrath of a foaming Mama Ru who declares she didn’t “fly to judge something from H&M.” Icesis Couture has just claimed to have spent the biggest amount of any queen that we know of, so let’s run down through some different queens across the show’s history who’ve spoken about how much they spent to go on to Drag Race.

Trixie Mattel on season seven: $600

Trixie Mattel is now the highest earning drag queen in the show’s history, and the most followed – but she came from humble beginnings on her unsuccessful season seven run. Trixie said on her YouTube channel that she only spent $600 preparing for season seven, which is remarkably low even for back then.

Kim Chi on season eight: $1500

Kim Chi was known at the time during season eight for quite extravagant looks, but confirmed to Paper Magazine in an interview that she only spent $1500 putting them together.

Sasha Velour on season nine: $4000

Season nine winner Sasha Velour is known for her big, high fashion looks that are bursting with creativity and vision. To win season nine, she told VICE in their report that she only spent $4000.

Heidi N Closet on season 12: $4000

Heidi N Closet spoke a lot on her season about not having the financial resources a lot of her competitors had, and she got read form her looks even though her personality was so iconic. Heidi only spent $4000 on season 12, telling VICE the figure in their report last year.

Aquaria on season 10: $5000

I honestly thought this figure would be higher, considering how elevated and sickening Aquaria’s looks were on season 10 – but Aquaria confirmed in the VICE report that she only spent $5000, although noting that she relied a lot on her friends and contacts to help her out too.

Bob the Drag Queen on season eight: $6000

Love Bob SO much, but they’re a queen not known particularly for their runways on season eight – I’m quite shocked that Bob spent more than Sasha Velour and Aquaria???? Bob confirmed how much they spent in the same VICE report.

Yvie Oddly on season 11: $14,000

Yvie Oddly sees the first big jump in what queens have spent here – a huge 14 grand spent to prepare for Drag Race season 11. Although, as the winner, she got her money back and more.

Mo Heart on All Stars 4: $20,000

queens spent drag race

Known for her thrifty looks on season 10, Mo Heart returned to All Stars with a hefty financial shift after her success following her first Drag Race run. Mo told Vice she spent 20 grand to come back for All Stars – she made it to the final four.

Trinity the Tuck on All Stars 4: $20,000

queens spent drag race

Trinity came back to All Stars with a 20 grand drag package, as per the VICE report. She went on to win the season and got her money back, alongside Monet X Change who she had a joint win with. Her looks this season were outstanding, so money well spent I’d say.

Gottmik on season 13: $20,000

queens spent Drag Race

As a successful makeup artist in Hollywood before her time on the show, Gottmik could go into season 13 with a solid financial situation which allowed her to spend an All Stars-esque amount on a regular season which resulted in some seriously high fashion runways. She confirmed her spending on a YouTube video with Trixie Mattel.

Blu Hydrangea on UK Vs the World: £26,000

Blu Hydrangea has done TikToks explaining how much she spent both on her first season of Drag Race UK, and her return for UK Vs the World – which she went on to win. She spent over 26 grand on her return – which, for a season with no money prize, is a LOT.

Icesis Couture on Canada Vs the World: $70,000

queens spent drag race

On Saturday’s episode, Icesis Couture quit Canada’s Drag Race VS the World – and it was devastating. Personally, I wanted Icesis to win another crown – every look was immaculate and she’s so talented and cool. She left the show to look after her mental health, and after a viewing party following her departure she said she spent an EYE. WATERING 70 grand to prepare for the show. This is the most out of any queens who’ve ever spent on Drag Race, that we know of.

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