Harriett Blackmore fame before Love Island 2024

All of Harriett’s wild and random attempts at fame before the Love Island 2024 villa

She’s been moving in the right circles for YEARS

Love Island 2024 definitely wasn’t the first time fame was on Harriett Blackmore’s mind. It turns out she has a few rogue and random claims to fame, and has always been mixing in the right kind of circles.

She is the self-proclaimed “it girl” of Brighton, has Islander friends, famous pals and footballers in her DMs. In reality, it was just a matter of time before she ended up on Love Island or on our TV screens in some sort of capacity.

Here is a full rundown of every time Harriett has edged towards fame in her life, even way before her Love Island 2024 days.

Ahead of Love Island 2024, Harriett said herself that her biggest claim to fame is being an ‘it’ girl in Brighton

Ahead of the show, when asked her claim to fame, Harriett said she’s an “it” girl where she’s from. Yes real words, she said about herself. She said: “Being a bit of an IT girl in Brighton, I’ve done personal shopping for the rapper ArrDee and one of my best friends is Saffron Barker the YouTuber.”

She’s been in best mate Saffron Barker’s YouTube videos

Harriett has featured in a few of Saffron’s YouTube clips, including one where she does a question session with a bunch of friends, and another one where Saffron challenged herself to living in her car for 24-hours and went to visit Harriett along the way. Harriett looked completely different at the time, btw.

Harriett was once best mates with Love Island 2021’s Lucinda, but it looks as though they’ve fallen out

There are loads of pictures of Harriett before Love Island, hanging out with 2021 Islander Lucinda Strafford. They’re both from Brighton, and claim to be pretty big names there, so it’s no surprise they’re in the same circle. However, it’s been reported they’ve fallen out, and the only photos of them together are from ages ago.

It looks as though they were besties in 2021, with the pair of them doing lip-sync videos on TikTok to Doja Cat’s Best Friend. The videos then all of a sudden stop, and the girls have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Uh-oh!

Before Love Island Harriett claimed she had a Premiership footballer brother, but she doesn’t

Before the show started, a video circulated of Harriett with her brother, and it was claimed she was defending him during an “attack” with a group of women. Harriett was filmed telling another girl “he’s a Premier League football player, please leave him alone” but in short, he isn’t.

Harriett’s brother is called Henry Blackmore, and he plays for Peacehaven and Telscombe Football Club, and has previously played for Whitehawk FC. The club is currently part of the Southern Combination Premier Division – not the actual Premier League. A bit of a white lie!

She has also said footballers message her all the time

Harriett has spoken before about how she has loads of footballers in her DMs all the time. What a life! Ahead of the show when asked what people message her and are interested in her, she said: “A few footballers but I was with my boyfriend of three years at the time so I never really responded.

“There have been a few flirts here and there but I think that is normal – if you don’t have a footballer in your direct messages at some point in your life you would probably be lying.” Now I feel extremely inadequate for never having a footballer in my DMs. Thanks.

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