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The Tab Warwick’s editors talk fashion – in the toilets

Because you all need fashion tips from us

Warwick Devils cheerleading squad wow on Britain’s Got Talent


Cheap and chic fashion at its finest

You’ll never look so good, for so little

The best dressed of Judy’s Vintage Fair, Leamington Spa

No confidence in Nigel, but all the confidence in the Thrift

Spotted on campus: Winter essentials

While you were queueing for the bus

Double denim and dodgy shades: Throwback to the 90s

A Leamington house party shows us how to do 90s style

A Winter’s tale: A Fashion shoot in Jephson Gardens

Baby it’s cold outside

Movember on Campus: who drew theirs on?

Bushy, bristly,close cropped, crinkly, blonde, ginger… Once you start looking you’ll realize that Warwick has got them all.

Warwick’s vintage fair: The essence of being a hipster

Feeling like you don’t belong? Do you want to be like the others? Is your mainstream self bringing you down? Don’t you worry, we’re here to help

Did you really wear this to your first day of Uni?

On Arrivals Weekend Freshers stepped it out

Oxford acapella group’s Shakira mash-up gets tweet of approval from the lady herself

Oxford based singing group record charity single and get tweeted by Shakira

Old school: What universities used to look like

How your uni used to look back in the days of hairspray and cat eye sunnies (or suits of armor if you go to Oxbridge)

No place we’d rather be: Warwick’s 2014 Summer Party Fashion essentials.

Summer is here, and the Tab wants to make sure that you do not forget any of the essentials for them festival vibes. Warwick students tell you what the absolutely indispensable stuff is while they put their hands up in the air to the moves of Clean Bandit!


Inspired by the famous ‘Humans of New York’, The Tab went around campus to find the hidden gems of Warwick for you and your sneaky five minute break from work. It is fine, we won’t tell!

#MINA: Instagram Idol

With more than 6000 followers on Instagram, Warwick student Mina Alizade (@minakhanim) understands the importance of social networks in the fashion industry. The Tab had a little chat with her about selfies, inspiration and followers.

What’s Hot This Summer?

The do’s and the don’ts for fashion this summer, plus a little motivation for them so last season exams….

What’s Warwick’s most fashionable halls?

We went and rounded up the most fashionable residents in halls and asked them all the important questions.