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The Russell Group uni cities where the most students are registered to vote in the Genny Lec

This is your sign to register to vote by 11:59pm tonight

The deadline to register to vote in next month’s General Election is 11:59pm tonight. And whilst students and young people are often tainted with the stereotype of being disengaged from politics, regular NUS polling finds that 87 per cent of students intend to vote in the Genny Lec. But are there areas where students are going to make the biggest difference and where most students are registered to vote?

Well, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) alongside the National Union of Students (NUS) have used data from the 2021 census as well as 2019 election data and 2024 polling to work out where students will have the biggest impact in the election.

The constituencies with the most students registered to vote are, naturally the cities with several big unis like Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham. All of these top 10 uni constituencies, and all but two of the top 20, are currently held by Labour after the 2019 election.

There are also 75 constituencies across the UK where the number of students actually exceeds the winning majority needed to win the seat. These are spread across the UK and many are historically Labour areas where the Tories made gains in the 2019 election, such as Yorkshire and the North West.

So, these are the Russell Group uni cities where the most students are registered to vote in the General Election:

10. Exeter 

Constituency: Exeter

Number of registered students: 14,862

9. Cambridge 

Constituency: Cambridge

Number of registered students: 14,964

8. York 

Constituency: York Central

Number of registered students: 15,784

7. Nottingham 

Constituency: Nottingham East

Number of registered students: 16,757

6. Bristol 

Constituency: Bristol Central

Number of registered students: 17,326

5. Liverpool 

Constituency: Liverpool Riverside

Number of registered students: 18,614

4. Manchester 

Constituency: Manchester Rusholme

Number of registered students: 19,035

3. Sheffield 

Constituency: Sheffield Central

Number of registered students: 19,864

2. Nottingham 

Constituency: Nottingham South

Number of registered students: 21,857

1. Leeds 

Constituency: Leeds Central and Headingley

Number of registered students: 30,482

You can register to vote here by 11:59pm tonight here. 

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