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People think Katie Price and JJ from MAFS have split after flirty Jack Grealish comment

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Fans think Katie Price may have split from relationship with JJ Slater from MAFS UK after rumours the two are on the rocks when Price made a flirty comment about footballer Jack Grealish on her podcast.

It was only a couple of months back the two were apparently planning a wedding, but rumours last week started to circle that Katie Price and JJ were on the rocks and now a flirty little comment on Jack Grealish has people thinking The Pricey might be looking elsewhere.

Speaking on her podcast The Katie Price, which she hosts with her sister Sophie, the two discussed how they thought it was weird Jack Grealish isn’t in the England squad this year for the Euros. Katie said “Well… we won’t be seeing those legs then, will we?” Both Katie and Sophie burst into laughter, with Katie adding: “That’s all I’m saying on that.”

Katie also said”Being a WAG would be amazing, full stop, wouldn’t it?” Before saying she feels like there isn’t really a footballer who’d have her.

The flirty Grealish comment comes after another comment made on the podcast that had people thinking things are on the rocks between Katie Price and JJ. When discussing her plans for JJ’s birthday, Katie Price talked about how JJ and her son Junior actually have the same birthday.”It’s Junior and JJ’s birthday – their birthday is on the same day – the JJs, how weird is that?”

Sophie asked what the two of them are going to do to celebrate, saying “Oh yeah, what are you doing for that? ” To which Katie quickly responded: “Doing my audiobook all day.” Right… Not really the romantic antics you’d get up to if all was well in lovesville.

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