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This hidden Bridgerton detail in Cressida’s hair makes her ending even more heartbreaking

They could NEVER make me hate you Cressida Cowper

One of the saddest parts of Bridgerton season three is Cressida’s ending. Although they actually filmed an alternate ending for her character, the season ended with Cressida being banished in a carriage, going off to live with her spinster aunt in Wales.

Well, someone has spotted some hidden symbolism in this final scene of her in the carriage and it genuinely makes the whole thing even more emotional.

Cressida is known for her wild hairstyles and costumes, but in that final scene, her hair is styled like a birdcage in chains. This is to symbolise how Cressida is a caged bird, how she’s trapped by society and is forced to be banished into spinsterhood.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,  Jessica Madsen who plays Cressia explains the bird cage symbolism. She said: “She’s so limited and suffocated with how the society works and what she is and isn’t allowed to do in her position. We see someone really trapped. She’s this caged bird who’s trying to get out. I don’t think she intends to hurt anybody in the process.”

But, there is actually hope as we know there is a key for the cage in her hair. The show’s wig stylist said that there is a key and someone in the future would set her free.

In the alternate ending filmed for Cressida, it was her mother Lady Cowper who has the key and would set her free. Jessica Madsen said: “[In the first ending we shot], Lady Cowper actually came to save her, and got in the carriage with her and they left together,” Madsen continues. “I had a caged bird in my hair with a little door and Lady Cowper had the key.”

But since we don’t know who has the key in this ending, here’s hoping for her to be happy next season.

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