Bridgerton Francesca neurodivergent

Hannah Dodd has revealed whether Francesca is actually neurodivergent in Bridgerton

There has been lots of speculation from fans

Season three of Bridgerton let us see more of Francesca, and in being able to see more of her introverted personality some fans have wondered whether she is supposed to be neurodivergent. Compared to her siblings who all seem to be exceptionally extroverted and outgoing, it’s nice to see a Bridgerton character who might become less of a wallflower as the seasons of the show progress.

Fans have speculated she could be neurodivergent because of her preference to sit in silence, her naturally introverted personality and her struggle to relate to some of the other debutants her own age. In an interview with BBC News, actress Francesca Dodd addressed how lovely it is to see neurodivergent Bridgerton viewers being able to relate to Francesca.

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She explained: “It’s been so lovely to see. This is a show about people and representation so it’s only a good thing if people feel that they can see themselves on the screen. I know it was discussed in the writers’ room that there were maybe, like, traits of neurodiversity in Francesca. We got such a great script so we just so we just responded to what was on the paper.”

As to whether she thinks neurodiversity would have been something that was recognised in the 1800s, she admitted: “It wasn’t something that was understood in those times. It’s not something that I think Francesca needs to understand. It’s so, so nice that the community have embraced us and feel seen.”

Francesca could be at the centre of the storyline next season and has been confirmed to be the first queer Bridgerton character. In a twist from the original novels it looks like after the death of her husband Jon Stirling, Francesca will fall in love with his cousin, Michaela, who was originally a man in the books but has now been turned into a woman for the series.

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