A definitive ranking of the degrees with the most sex appeal, according to Sussex students

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When applying for any uni course, many future students look at the boring aspects of the degree. Asking themselves, “will I enjoy this course?” or “will it get me a job in three years time?”. Totally boring. Luckily for you, we asked current Sussex students to rank some uni degrees based on the most important factor – how sexy the students that study it are.

Whether you’re a future Sussex student or just wanna know who to look out for, look no further. Here are the degrees with the most sex appeal, according to Sussex students.

Film, filmmaking, media and communications

As a film student myself I can guarantee that all the tropes are true. Whether it’s arguing about how Tarantino is a great director or reasons why Marvel shouldn’t be considered ‘real cinema’, film students are always ready to gaslight you into agreeing with their film opinions. Aside from that, film students are super chill and will always have a film recommendation ready at hand, what’s not to love?

Drama and music

If you’re looking for someone super laid back then drama and music students are the answer. Whether they’re rehearsing their lines or promoting their latest single, these students live for attention. It’s easy to see why these degrees rank so high on our sexiness scale. Just be prepared for constant singing and comments like “rah that would make such a sick beat”.

Any language course

While some of us haven’t spoken another language since year 9 French, it’s easy to understand why language degrees are in the top of our list. Whether it’s French, Spanish or something else, speaking another language is the sexiest skill someone can have. The only downside is they are constantly working to perfect their language, so be prepared not to see them. Maybe the Duolingo owl would be the perfect suit for them.


Law, politics and philosophy

Whether you’re looking for an intellectual conversation or someone to argue with, students studying these degrees are perfect for both. Like their workload, these students are intense. Be prepared for many conversations starting with “i’m not a Tory but-“. So if you want to argue about the current political climate or ponder the ideas of how humans came to be, then look no further.

Business management, marketing and economics

Aside from the Jordan Belfort idolisers, business degrees are a clear favourite amongst Sussex students.  These future business people will eventually be suited up and working in the capital. So if you’re looking for someone who’s gonna make a lot of money, then get yourself to the business school. Just make sure not to ask them “why can’t we just print more money?”. They’ll probably explode x

Medicine and neuroscience

The sexiest degrees according to Sussex students, it’s clear to see why they’re at the top spot.  Between being asked insane medical questions and getting told “that sounds hard”, these students actually do spend the majority of their time working. Aside from making others feel somewhat stupid by their big brains, they’re working in a field that’s all about helping other people. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

No matter where your degree ranked, they’re all sexy in one way or another.

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