Pancake day: Sussex students edition

Your pancakes say a lot about you

With pancake day just gone, we thought we’d take a look at your creations. This includes the good, the bad and everything in between. We’ve rated them 1 to 10, has yours made the cut? Read on to find out more.

The best of both worlds: rating 9.5/10

These guys have gone all in with the sweet and savoury. Quite frankly they’ve got the best of both words. Now it’s true, the savoury doesn’t look all that appealing to the eye and some people would disagree altogether with the concept of a savoury pancake. However, I’m sure it tasted delightful. Whoever made these pancakes are definitely perfectionists, the ones to create an occasion out of every day. All in all a very good effort.

The all about the aesthetic: rating 9/10

Now look at that. It’s a sight to behold. This pancake has been crafted solely for instagram. It looks like it could be sold at a cafe in Brighton and that is pretty remarkable. If this photo isn’t posted on every social media account it really would be a waste of pancake. It might taste awful and there is definitely an argument that there is too much banana, but it looks pretty so this rating is purely based on looks alone.

The classic: rating 7.5/10

This pancake is a classic. Theres no faffing about with extras that aren’t needed. Just a good old classic chocolate crepe. That being said, maybe some decoration around the crepe wouldn’t go a miss. It’s giving the bare minimum at the minute.

The what on earth happened here: rating 4/10

There are no words to describe what happened here. It’s quite simply a crime against pancakes. Paul Hollywood and Jesus would be weeping at the very sight of this.  The rating of 4 is purely for effort and the humour aspect. If this was genuinely consumed I think a hospital visit may be recommended. This pancake is a reminder that deliveroo is always an option if you want to avoid food poisoning.

All in all, a good effort was put in. If your pancakes weren’t featured, not to worry, there is always next year. We hope to see more of your masterpieces next time around.

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