The ultimate indie Valentines playlist for a pandemic love affair

Get your headphones on!

It’s no secret that Valentine’s day is going to be slightly different this year. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, you despise Valentines and everything about it, or you usually spend Feb 14th getting smashed with a bunch of mates, your plans this year will have almost definitely changed.

To help you get through the heartache of the pandemic, we’ve put together a playlist of some of the best indie love songs, breakup songs and songs that will make the day more bearable in these strange circumstances.

1. Mumma-ra – She’s Got You High

First pick is for those who are just so awkward and hopeless when it comes to love. Featured in the Inbetweeners Tv series when Carli breaks Simons heart, this song is the anthem for failed love attempts. Not to mention, Jay having his heartbroken by Chloe during exams, plus Will having Charlotte Hinchcliffe stolen from him by Simon’s French exchange Patrice! (Remember that?) Definitely give this one a spin if you need reminding that you’re not the only one who’s utterly hopeless in romance eh?

2.  Coasts – Oceans

This one’s a bit ironic seeing as the band split up in 2018, but anyway… For those of us in relationships, there’s no place we’d rather be right now then on a sunny beach with our significant other. Yep, this one is giving us serious summer romance vibes with the ideal lyric “we fell in love right by the ocean”. So if you can’t wait to get back to holidaying on sunny beaches and partying alongside the sunset then give this a listen.

3. Kamal. – smilingdownthephone

Whether you’d usually be spending Valentine’s day with your girlfriend, boyfriend, mates or even family, many of us this year will be alone for the occasion. This track’s song title says it all and describes what a lot of us will be doing, the perfect track for those currently in lockdown relationships spending time apart!  Kamal is an up and coming artist and has already been dubbed as the new Billie Eilish and is absolutely smashing it at the moment, so be sure to check this one out!

4. Lilly Moore – Over You

Creating a playlist based around the concept of love, it’d be rude not to include a song about heartbreak. Over You is the anthem you’ll need if you’re going through a breakup. The opening lyric’s a fantastic start to the song, and would probably mean we couldn’t publish this if we wrote it, so you’ll have to listen for yourself. Lily Moore is another up and coming artist, so keep an eye out for her future releases!


5. The Kooks – Seaside

As we’re in Brighton, how could  a song about falling in love by the coast not be included! “do you want to go to the seaside?” sings Luke Pritchard. The answer is “yes”, as long as it’s not raining and there’s not too many seagulls to steal your chips! (Unlikely in Brighton!) This is an absolute classic and never fails to pull the heart strings, so why not give it another listen?

6. Razorlight – Who Needs Love

 This one’s for the singletons out there! You don’t need anyone else to be happy; you are completely content with your own company and why the hell not? An absolute classic and the perfect anti-Valentine anthem. Give this one a spin, if you despise February 14th and everything about it!

That rounds up the ultimate Valentines pandemic playlist and whether you’re planning a Valentines zoom date, watching a classic movie or enjoying the footie and a beer with your flatmates, music always makes everything better, right?