Fitness accounts that all Sussex students should be following this lockdown

Workouts, meal plans, and ideas to get you through the second lockdown and beyond

One of the toughest things about the second lockdown for some of us has been the closing of gyms…again. What makes things worse is when you realise that this lockdown is a lot colder, windier and rainier than the last one, which makes a 20-minute HIIT even less enticing than it already was.

There are so many brilliant health and fitness accounts out there that finding the right information for you can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but The Sussex Tab has got you covered. Here are not only some great accounts to follow, but they are all from the Brighton and Sussex area, so in a way you’d be helping out by supporting local businesses:

Freya- @freyfit_

If you want a great advocate for prioritising your mental health, Freya gives a lot of brilliant advice. Particularly interested in getting more women involved in fitness, she loves the idea of the fitness industry being less male-dominated and orientated. Her home workouts are also insane if you want to push yourself during this lockdown.

Evie- @_evieglows

Looking for healthy vegan meals? As well as producing some beautiful food photography, Evie stresses that we should have a healthy relationship with exercise, and how important recovery really is. Right now, we could all do with some great meal inspiration and a healthy dose of body positivity.

Ben- @bee.dub_

With the gyms shut, calisthenics and bodyweight exercises are the next best thing. On his account, Ben gives some great tips on how to get to grips with Olympic rings and how to do a hand-stand (now his favourite thing to do). Ben also runs classes at the university gyms and with the yoga society if you’d like to find out more from Ben once the second lockdown has finished. One of Ben’s key aims is to try and make physical activity a more social thing (when it is safe to do so of course).

LD Fitness- @ldfitnesuk

Lois is really passionate about helping people learn to love themselves on the inside and out, and self-love is more important now than ever. Whatever your goals are, Lois has loads of amazing workouts and recipes you can try out. She also believes there’s no such thing as “bad” food, importantly adding “nobody should ever live a life without pizza”.

Marc Slowey- @absolutesportuk 

If you’re looking for a more personal, tailored approach, whether it be walking more, playing more sport or rehabilitating from an injury, Marc is more than happy to talk and give great advice for free online.