17 memes from last night’s I’m a Celeb memes that all Sussex students can relate to

The clip of Jordan throwing up lives rent free in my mind

Last night, every person living in the UK was saved by the return of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. What better way to celebrate the show hitting our screens again that compiling seventeen of the most iconic and relatable memes. From BBC Radio One presenter Jordan North throwing up, to Beverly Callard losing her shit over having a bug in her pocket – everything about it was iconic. Here’s seventeen moments in last night’s show that channelled true Sussex student energy.


2. Sussex students seeing no vegan option available at dinner time

3. The worst part of everyone’s day

4. I can guarantee that every Sussex student right now has something Quorn knocking about

5. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s magical

6. Brb hun, just moving to the living room

7. It’s never just the one drink though, is it Bev?

8. You have absolutely mugged me off

9. If I get down low enough, I should be able to remain unseen

10. I felt this one, on a spiritual level

11. Fuck you and fuck your king cup

12. If only everyone else in my presentation group was as forgiving

13. I’d rather vomit up a bagel whole than go into another breakout room

14. Please don’t embarrass me


15. Seriously though, why is it?

16. Jordan throwing up is almost as random as me turning my camera on mid-lecture

17. Sussex students when they’re doing lab work: Expectation Vs Reality