PSA: It’s time to admit that Coombe Road is the most underrated area to live in Brighton

Hills, takeaways and trollies – what more could any student want?

Amongst Brighton and Sussex students alike, there is an unspoken rule that Elm Grove is one of the most sought-after student areas to live when off campus. However, somewhere that has been overlooked as a diamond in the rough is the one and only, Coombe Road. From the excellent array of trollies to the easily accessible Pizza and Kebab Knight establishments – Coombe Road has my whole heart.

As I sit in my house as The Man in the High Castle, I wonder as to why not more students choose to live in this intriguing area of Brighton. Everyone knows it, but it hasn’t got the best of reputations. I’m here to set that record straight.


Whilst the rage nowadays is taking in traffic cones after nights out, we overlook one of the most sacred treasures in todays tipsy turvy world, trollies. Try and make it back from a day at uni without spotting one, or even better without stealing it and jumping in your prize after nicking it from your neighbour’s front garden.

From Aldi to Sainsbury’s, Coombe road has it all to fulfil your trolley loving heart.


Getting out of university halls is both refreshing and dampening when you compare the weekly rents to Brighton. On one hand it’s fantastic to be free of the rents upwards of £160 at Northfield and East Slope, but also sobering when you realise how expensive this city is compared to other university towns.

Yet, this isn’t an issue with Coombe road. With rents bottoming out at near £100 per week, it’s a bargain you can’t say no too. Houses are in that in-between stage of either being an absolute tip or very modern, the perfect university formula.

The hill

Ah yes, the infamous hill. You will always find them in Brighton but it isn’t as bad as it’s sought out to be. Even though the hill might kind of be steep, who doesn’t want to develop new muscles or start that new fitness regime you thought of?

It’s not the best and it’s not the worst, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Brighton’s Mount Everest a.k.a. Elm Grove.

It’s a prime area for transport

Shooting off of Lewes Road means that getting the bus to uni or town has never been easier! Unless you want to get the 25X that is, but who really needs that glorified bus route right? Though Coombe Road bus stop is an awkward customer, it is only a 5-minute walk to the University of Brighton (boo) and Mouslecoombe station (wahey) so it’s not all bad.

Pizza and Kebab Knight make everything better

We know it’s not the Laine’s or the high street, Coombe Road does offer the finest off licence’s (unless it’s Sambuca), corner café’s and most importantly chicken and takeaway’s that Brighton has to present.

It is near impossible to walk past the chicken quartet that lives at the bottom of Coombe Road after a night out that many have tried, and failed to sneak by without the temptation of a doner kebab or quality chicken burger to devour.

The whole vibe with everything put together

Whilst Coombe Road isn’t glamorous – if you’re able to look past the hill, vague transport links, and general lack of pubs. You’ll realise it offers so much more with dirt cheap rent and quirks with trollies and of takeaways.

You can also bet on the fact that the hill will train your legs and lungs better than any gym ever could.