Sussex Uni is delivering NHS home testing COVID kits to the wrong students

One student had to wait over 24 hours for their test to be delivered from reception

Self-isolating Sussex students have been faced with a conundrum recently as their coronavirus tests have been ending up in the wrong student flats, but they would be breaking COVID restrictions and self-isolation guidelines should they go to collect them.

The University of Sussex previously informed its students that should they need a coronavirus test, then the University can deliver one to them rather than ordering from the NHS.

However, freshers currently living in Northfield were not aware of this and ordered their own coronavirus home testing kit to their accommodation.

Despite ordering it to the correct flat, porters at Northfield have been delivering parcels to the incorrect flats and, therefore, students have gone without getting tested.

One Sussex student revealed: “We had our tests delivered on Monday but we didn’t actually receive them until Tuesday. The only reason we got them was because we constantly rang reception asking them to bring us our parcels.

“We messed up the tests so we had to reorder some which arrived yesterday. When we called reception, they said it was too late for us to get them and they will deliver them tomorrow. It’s very inconvenient for me and my flatmates as we don’t know whether we need to isolate for longer. I need the tests to be delivered as soon as possible so that I know if I am a risk to other people.”

Another student, who hadn’t ordered tests but had tests incorrectly delivered to their door spoke to The Sussex Tab. They said: “I am pretty sure it was just an accident. The porters are probably under a lot more strain now because so many people are ordering things online.”

A spokesperson from The University of Sussex told The Sussex Tab: “If you have Covid-19 symptoms you must self-isolate and let us know using a simple form. We will then contact you and talk you through the next steps, as well as set up your self-isolation support package and explore the best option for testing. We have a supply of tests and, if you live on campus, can deliver one to your accommodation.

“If somebody you live with tests positive, you must self-isolate but you do not need to be tested unless you too develop symptoms. If you have any questions about testing or anything else related to Covid-19, you can contact the Residential Life team or call 01273 876500.”