Students from Sussex University are self-isolating after positive COVID test

It’s reported to only be a handful of students

It was reported last night that a handful of students at the University of Sussex have tested positive for coronavirus.

All of the students who tested positive and their housemates are now self-isolating, Brighton and Hove News reports.

The University has stated the outbreak was small enough not to stop its plans for some face to face learning, which started again yesterday.

A spokesperson from the University of Sussex told Brighton and Hove News: “We currently have confirmed reports of a small number (single digits) of cases amongst our University community. As well as the students who are positive, all of their housemates are also now in self-isolation, as per the Government guidance.

“At the present time, we are advised that the level of positive cases in our community is not at a level whereby it should change our current mode of blended learning for students. However, if the number of cases rises to a point that we feel that we need to restrict movement around campus, such as reducing the number of indoor spaces where people mix (even with face coverings on) we will do that.

“We have a clear plan in place for a range of potential changes, which is in line with guidance from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the Department for Education (DfE).”