A sneaky fox has been stealing shoes around Brighton

Thankfully, most shoes have been re-homed

In the chaotic and sometimes overwhelming world that we all currently live in, we mostly worry about our families staying safe and whether there’ll be pasta on our weekly shop. With the news channels often filled with scary looking headlines, we thought we’d report on some lighter issues – last time, we brought you the seal that had taken up residence on Brighton beach. This time, a sneaky fox from Fiveways.

Tracey Bowers, a local resident, has reported a fox depositing shoes at her front door and has taken to her local Facebook groups to find their original owners. The shoes have ranged from walking boots, trainers and crocs to children shoes and sliders.

Some shoes are in pairs whilst others are on their own. Every other day, Tracey updates her Facebook to show more shoes that have been deposited in her garden overnight in hopes to reunite them with their owners. Many of the shoes have been re-paired and people have commented on Facebook, enjoying the updates about the foxes.

Talking to The Sussex Tab, Tracey commented that “I have a growing collection of footwear that the foxes are leaving in my garden each night” and is aiming to reunite people with their missing shoes to create pairs again. Many of the shoes have found their original owners whilst others are still missing their other foot.

If you’ve found yourself missing a shoe or two, check out the Facebook page here and maybe you’ll be reunited!