A seal has been seen sunbathing on Brighton Beach

Turns out seals like to lie in the sun to help keep warm before summer!

Whilst the UK population has been grounded by Boris Johnson, a seal has been photographed taking full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, as it crawled up onto Brighton beach to sunbathe.

Often, when we hear news of seals or other creatures of the ocean washing up onto coastlines, it is despairing and shocking as most often they are dead or dying due to man made pollution. However, this content seal was lying on the beach for a very wholesome reason.

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The UK is home to many grey seal colonies and the little guys will sometimes head up to shore to catch some rays. Seals shed their winter coats once temperatures start to rise, but the sea can often remain too cold for them, so lying on the beach is their way of keeping warm.

Since we should all be staying at home, we won’t be bothering the doggos of the ocean but it is important to note that if you’re ever lucky enough to encounter a seal on the shore, you must not disturb them! And if you ever see a seal who seems distressed, in pain, or just in a general pickle, you must contact the British Divers Marine Life Rescue to help.

Local residents commented with some mixed opinions.

Some weren’t too please it seems: “just drag it back out to sea.” Bit rude. Another commented: “I guess its fate was sealed.” Rather ominous.

And others found the wee pup adorable, giving a little personality and narrative to the image: “Bet his or her thought bubble would read ‘finally…I get my beach back.’ ”

And fitting with our current predicament: “Having a lovely self-distancing sunbathe.” Wholesome.

For now, let’s just enjoy this happy chappy basking in the sunlight. And let it be known far and wide that a group of seal pups is known as a weaner pod.