Here’s everything people have absolutely rinsed Sussex supermarkets for while stockpiling

Maybe we’ll have to make a trip to the Marina?

It looks like Brighton’s supermarket shoppers have jumped on the stockpiling hype that is rinsing the nation of its shopping essentials, as both the big Sainsbury on Lewes Road and Asda have experiences empty shelves.

Shoppers have noticed panic-buying amidst coronavirus fears which have left some supermarkets completely out of stock of pasta, toilet roll, hand sanitiser and paracetamol.

One student shopping at Sainsbury’s told The Sussex Tab: “Hand sanitiser was running seriously low and there was absolutely no pasta. I think some people are obviously stocking up, but the shortages have been massively overplayed, there was plenty of loo roll and tissues surprisingly”.

Head to Sainsbury on Lewes Road if you need loo roll!

Another said: “Everyone’s trolly’s were full of canned items, it’s like wartime, it’s pretty nuts!”.

Asda however, experienced empty shelves of loo roll as a member of staff told us that he has had to restock the toilet roll shelves three times a day compared to usually once every two days.

This comes after The University of Sussex yesterday confirmed that a second individual associated with the University had tested positive for the virus.

Yesterday, Brighton and Hove City Council released a statement online which stated that as of 9am on 9th March, 24,960 people have been tested in the UK, 319 of which were confirmed positive.

Sussex University have since closed their walk-in clinic and are instead offering phone consultations with a clinician following the changing risk.

The University has provided information on their website regarding the coronavirus outbreak.