Sussex University walk-in clinic cancelled due to coronavirus

The walk in clinic at campus health centre has temporarily closed

Today, Sussex University released a statement online on their Health Centre website stating that they are now offering phone consultations with a clinician which will temporarily replace the walk in clinic that usually runs between 9am-11am throughout the week.

This change will take place Monday 9th March onwards, following the changing risk of coronavirus.

This comes just after the University released a statement informing students that someone associated with the University had recently tested positive for the virus.

The telephone consultation will offer a telephone triage system in which you will speak with a clinician who will assess and advice on management with the options of a telephone advisement from a nurse or from a GP or a follow up face to face appointment with a GP.

Screenshot from the Sussex Health Centre website

The health centre has recommended these top tips:

  1. Wash hands and catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue
  2. Be prepared to self-isolate
  3. Use Health Services wisely
  4. Stay up to date using trusted sources of information