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‘Suspicious package’ found near University of Brighton

Police are advising people to stay away from the area

A "suspicious package" has been found in a bag near the University of Brighton. The package was discovered just after 1pm this afternoon.

Local residents have been evacuated and a police cordon has been set up around the area. Police are advising people to stay clear.

Traffic on Lewes Road has been brought to a standstill, with queues reportedly stretching from Lewes road all the way to the seafront.

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Traffic is stretching as far back as the sea front

One Sussex student told The Sussex Tab: "Nobody knew what was going on."

"I was outside Cockcroft when the police arrived. They weren't letting anyone in the area and weren't telling us anything."

Another student who was on a bus back to campus at the time told us "We were diverted and taken straight back to University. I could hear sirens and the entire road was backed up."

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