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The University of Sussex will be hosting BBC Question Time one month before the general election

BBC Question Time will be held at the ACCA

On the 14th of November the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts will be hosting the political debate show from BBC1, Question Time. The show will be hosted by Fiona Bruce and a panel of guests who are yet to be announced.

Laura McDermott, the Creative Director of the ACCA said "All elections are important but this one feels particularly significant, with Britain's future in the EU still uncertain". She then added that the "Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts has hosted a huge variety of events in my time here as Creative Director. We host contemporary dance, theatre, music, film, discussion and debate."

The last time the ACCA hosted a BBC debate panel was in the weeks following the EU referendum three years ago.

The University will be selecting 150 members of the audience ranging from students to staff to sit and participate, undergoing the normalities of a usually BBC Question Time show and allowing them to speak their minds and respectfully share opinions.

At the debate they will discuss current affairs, campaigns for the next general election happening later next month and Brexit.

The tickets will be free and the public will soon be able to apply for them.