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A love letter to: C U Next Tuesday @ The Arch

The Arch, you always make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. *blushes*

So, you fancy a quiet night in after Chalk Monday's? Think again. C U Next Tuesday is not a night you wanna miss. The Arch, here's why we love you:

You lift us up at the end of grim Tuesdays

Picture this: a grey, soggy Tuesday. You’re sat in your 11am. You're starting to regret choosing this stupid module and you feel sad, confused and in need of a good time. Your housemate texts you:

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And that, The Arch, is where you come in, ready to supply us with the good times. 9am on Wednesday? I don't know her.

You won't rinse our back accounts

The Arch, you warmly welcome us broke students with entry fees as low as £3, sometimes only a quid. And those of us who treated ourselves to the Jäger wristband are entitled to free entry all year round. What a bargain! You always exceed expectations.

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And when we thought it couldn't get any better, not only is entrance to The Arch on a Tuesday cost effective and ideal for students, so are the drinks.

If you've found that tonights pre-drinks didn't quite get you there, and you're in need of some more fuel to really get you going, The Arch has you sorted. With £3.50 doubles all night long, you can't say The Arch doesn't prioritise us and our needs. Oh, Arch, the feeling is mutual.

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No need to bring a jacket, she'll keep you nice and warm

You spark joy and excitement in all those you meet

The queue to get into The Arch on a Tuesday is always the same: busy and alive with gleefully tipsy students dressed in their best bodysuits and designer T-shirts, eager to cut some shapes. Maybe pull a 5, maybe pull a 9, but most definitely bring home an inflatable banana.

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You throw FREE food at our faces

What makes The Arch so unique and so popular amongst students is the free food. No need to stop at RFC on the way home, The Arch knows what our generation wants, and it never fails to deliver. Oh, Arch, you really do spoil us!

I truly am 'lovin' it'

The glorious McDonald’s themed night transforms even the most dignified of clubbers into the food-obsessed seagulls of Brighton, as french fries rain down from the heavens.

If you’re craving something a little more filling than a few fries chucked over your head, The Arch has been known to give out whole entire pizzas! Ronald McDonald could never.

Alright Ron, time to call you an Uber.

You are a gift that keeps on giving

You can tell a C U Next Tuesday goer from other club goers by the inflatables they protectively cherish on the bus home: a gift from our loved one, The Arch.

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My personal favourites were always the bananas

You give us the fondest of memories

And on the N25 back home, you and your mates go through all the snap stories and selfies you took to capture the best night out so far this term. The Arch on a Tuesday always ensures a great time, every club goer feels like it’s their birthday and Christmas all at once.

And so, beloved Arch, we will always want to CU Next Tuesday.