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A love letter to: Chalk Monday’s

It’s like the weekend gained an extra day

Student nightlife in Brighton is fairly simple but it still has that little touch of magic that just can't be explained.

Oh Chalk, previously you were known as 'The Haunt', you really are the only place we want to be on a Monday night. It's like a bank holiday Monday every week, you just can't beat it. It is fair to say Brighton has a number of iconic clubs, but Chalk is the icing on the cake, the apple of our eye, the person that makes you a better person for just knowing them.

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Would you look at those smiling faces!

Your walls are literally made of chalk board

It's original, it's fresh and it's creative – we're in awe of how unique and artsy you are!

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All the loveable drink deals

Students can get five Jägerbombs for a fiver, or even a double vodka mixer for only £2.50. Yes, you're a cheap date but you're somehow still the classiest of all Monday nights.

Inevitably some students will sober up in the queue, but there you are, ready to serve the best deals every Monday without fail. It would be so hard to ever stop loving you. Who even needs pre drinks now? Not us.

You accept us no matter what

Like most other uni clubs, Chalk allows trainers, shorts, strapless tops and hoodies too. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is a priority for Chalk, that's one just one of the many reasons why we could never stop loving it.

Whether we have an outfit planned two nights before or if it's a spontaneous Monday evening and we have just thrown together a random outfit, we know you'll always be there for us. You accept us all, that is why you are so perfect.

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It's a Monday vibe

Music for everyone

Recently, you have started to do music tribute nights on Monday, the most recent being Two Door Cinema Club, but this doesn't mean you neglect our other favourite artists!

We love how inclusive you are. You have so much more to give, we can feel it. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes us love you, but the array of music genres means it's hard for anyone not to.

An aroma of unity

The one floor, something you had before in The Haunt, creates an inclusive atmosphere and makes it so much harder for us to lose our friends for an extended period of time. You're so attentive to our needs.

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You let us grieve

The dismantle of the old Haunt is still a fresh wound for us, but you let us grieve for our loss. We will never forget everything you gave us at the Haunt and all you continue to do for us now.

You have successfully made your way into becoming firm staple in Sussex Uni culture, we are so impressed with how well you fit in.