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Sussex wins the 2019 Varsity Series

We are the champions

This year saw the return of Varsity, with a new twist, as sporting fixtures took place across numerous weeks showcasing all the sporting talents Sussex and Brighton has to offer.

We are proud to say that Sussex took the crown, winning Varsity with a solid victory of 11-7. It came down to the last day, sadly Brighton were unable to get enough points on the board to overtake the lead.

Here's a breakdown of all the scores…

Mens Football – 06/03/19

Sussex 1 – 2 Brighton

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Men’s Ultimate Frisbee – 08/03/19

Brighton 7 – 8 Sussex

Men’s Badminton – 17/03/19

Sussex 2 – 6 Brighton

Women’s Badminton – 17/03/19

Sussex 6 – 2 Brighton

Women’s Volleyball – 18/03/19

Sussex 3 – 0 Brighton

Men’s Volleyball – 18/03/19

Sussex 3 – 1 Brighton

Netball – 18/03/19

Brighton 17 – 8 Sussex

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Men's Rugby – 20/03/19

Brighton 17 – 8 Sussex

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Women’s Tennis – 20/03/19

Brighton 8 – 2 Sussex

Men’s Tennis – 20/03/19

Brighton 2 – 10 Sussex

Women’s Basketball – 23/03/19

Brighton 49 – 53 Sussex

Men’s Basketball – 23/03/19

Brighton 41 – 54 Sussex

American Football 24/03/19

Brighton 0 – 14 Sussex

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Photography by Michael Cann-Abaidoo

Women's Football – 26/03/19

Brighton 4 – 0 Sussex

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Men’s Hockey – 27/03/19

Sussex 6 – 1 Brighton

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Women’s Hockey – 27/03/19

Sussex 0 – 7 Brighton

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Women’s Lacrosse – 27/03/19

Sussex 23 – 5 Brighton

Men’s Lacrosse – 27/03/19

Sussex 10 – Brighton 1

Speaking exclusively to The Sussex Tab, Activities officer Becky Doran said she was "absolutely thrilled with how the series of fixtures happened and especially by the players and spectators for ensuring this event can run for many years to come.

"Sussex winning was an added bonus and I am very proud of the efforts of our teams."

When asked if she thought Varsity would ever return in its orginal form, Becky said that "this is up to the universities to decide, but if you look across the country there are very few cases of having events all on one day due to the logistical and safety nightmare it causes".

Everyone got into the sporting spirit, played against some friendly rivals and no flare throwing or fights occured.

A true success.