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We tried to spend 24 hours in Sussex library and got kicked out

We came, we saw, we almost conquered


The library is a great place to study when under the pressure of deadlines. However, what you may not know is how much non-learning related fun can be had there. We came prepped with snacks, comfy clothes and blankets ready to see if we could hack 24 hours in the library.

You may be questioning as to whether or not we have better things to do with our time? Well the answer is we do, but we are procrastinating just like the rest of you. But here's all the things we got up to.

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So we thought we’d start our challenge by exploring parts of the library that we didn’t even know existed, and now we have a fully equipped knowledge of all the nooks and crannies that Sussex library holds. Such as, the basement. It’s one of the emptiest places in the library but actually has a pretty good study spot in a conservatory.

Also, the top floor's gender neutral toilets are the best loos in the building. And, the library has a surprising amount of portraits of old white guys.

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SO alike

Passing the time

After getting bored of exploring we had to be a little inventive to pass the time, because obviously opening our laptops and actually doing some work would have been a bit too much. How many books can you fit on your head? What’s one of the weirdest books in here? Oh, and a game of Bogies is always fun, even when you are 21.

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The answer was 8

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Hide and Seek

Possibly one of the best hide and seek locations I have experienced. One of the highlights of our 24 hours was this midnight game of hide and seek along with friends that we dragged out to keep us entertained. Some top tips, always use the whole of the library don’t stick to one floor and, FYI, no one checks the stairwells.

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Library friends!!!!!

Make a library a home

If we’re going to be here for 24 hours we may as well cosy it up a bit? A little decor never hurt anyone, and the new grey pods on the first floor are the cosiest places.

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One of the cons of 24 hours on campus is a distinct lack of available food. Having gone through our snacks quicker than intended, help was needed. After a tragic FaceTime and some sad faces, we convinced our friends to bring us a takeaway.

Having pizza turn up to the group study area brought me more joy than my highest essay grade. To enjoy the pizza properly we rented a private study room. FYI some of these rooms are not soundproof, and we learnt the hard way getting too loud at our little pizza party.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures

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Nap Spots

No matter what time of day it is, there are people napping everywhere. The sofas on the ground floor are always a popular choice, as well as the comfy reading chairs that are dotted around the library. If you want a good nap you have to go to a deserted area so the automatic lights don’t come on.

But remember, if you want to have an entertaining 24 hours, make sure you bring a friend that can stay awake and doesn’t turn into sleeping beauty when a comfy chair comes into sight.

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Getting kicked out

It turns out staying up for 24 hours was a little harder than we remembered and after being nicely tucked up in a blanket, an abrupt awakening by the library security guard at 6.10am told us it was time to leave.

Apparently staying in the Library for 24 hours, not really doing any work and opening napping with cushions and a blanket is frowned upon. Who knew?

But the most shocking thing when we woke up? There were people arriving in their gym kit to do work before they started their day. Lest to say, we looked quite the contrast.

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So, we dragged ourselves out after trying to stay awake for half an hour and walked through campus with a whole new kind of walk of shame. I can safely say that the only time I had been on campus that early, was coming home from a night out in first year.

But – we survived 21 hours straight in the library and it was WAY more fun than it sounds.

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