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The trials of house hunting in Brighton

Spoiler…it’s mostly obstacles x

Knowing who your flatmates are

It's certainly a difficult task having to think about who you want to live with, after not even knowing people for more than six months. You begin questioning everything – especially if you're intending to live with brand new people who aren't even your current flat mates.

How do you even find a house?

After not getting your shit together and getting a house sorted early, it's time to actually panic as you literally have no knowledge or insight on how to go about finding a humble abode.

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The group chat is poppin' x

Student houses are filthy

Being able to waltz through peoples' homes is definitely a great opportunity if you're nosey like me. But during the house tours, it comes to your attention that no one actually bothers to clean for a viewing.

You'll often see various items strewn across the house – a half eaten pasty and bottle of vodka on the kitchen table at 5pm? Second year is looking lit!!

ExCUsE mE hELen, whAt dO YOu MeAN it's BeEN taKEn?

Finding your DREAM HOME and calling in to secure but finding out it has been taken…start over again. Never felt heartbreak quite like it.

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Helen, you've got a big storm coming x

Success tastes sweet

Finally finding a good house, securing it and beaming with pride – cue the influx of messages to Mum about the house.

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Ding dong, we're home!

It's safe to say that house hunting causes distress, but it's all part of the uni experience. Hope you can't wait to do it all over again next year!