Sussex University is closing its Pharmacy course

It is claimed the course is no longer ‘financially viable’

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The University of Sussex have decided against recruiting any more Pharmacy students, due to the course no longer being "financially viable". The course, averaging around 30 students per a year, is not meeting the target of 50 students.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, Ella Asheri, the Students' Union Undergraduate Education Officer, says the course is being cancelled as a result of "increasing financial pressures."

According to Ella Asheri, the Students' Union "strongly opposes this decision and thinks it was made prematurely, without thorough consideration for current students' experience."

In a Facebook post, Ella said: "I believe that the University haven't given this course a chance to reach its full potential, since it is two years away from reaching full accreditation."

She went on to say: "The way the university has handled the consultation (e.g. with minimal communication, especially for the first week where there was none) has caused students and staff serious distress and mental anguish at such a crucial point in the term."

Currently, the plan is to finish the ongoing courses until the current students graduate, but they will not be recruiting any new students next academic year. The university has said that Pharmacy lecturer jobs are secure until the "last student graduates".