The Brighton Pavilion ice rink is back

Hop on your skates

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We know we know, it's that time of year again. The temperature is dropping drastically, it's always dark and you have to put on 25 layers just to walk round your cold student house. But fear not, for the Pavilion ice rink is back!

This weekend on Saturday November 3rd the ice rink shall be making its mark on Brighton and shall be staying put until January 13th.

The rink, as always, shall be set up on the lawn in front of the pavilion, including a smaller rink to the side for beginners. There will be a bar set up with mulled wine, cocktails and hot chocolate to warm you up after a skate.

Don't want to skate? Don't worry, you can still go along with your friends and watch them fall on their faces (don't deny it) from the comfort of the bar as non-skaters are also allowed in the bar.

Skating sessions are an hour each, with the first starting at 10am and the last ending at 10.15pm with 15 minute breaks in between to smooth up the ice. Tickets for all of these sessions can be booked in advance on the ice rink's website.

Do not forget to bring your student ID, as you get £3 off the normal price, making it £10 entry for peak, and £7 for off-peak sessions.

Every evening the Pavilion shall be lit up with wonderful lighting, making it a cosy yet fun atmosphere. If you want to avoid the crowds in order to practice your lifts and flips, we advise going in the morning or around midday as these sessions tend to be the quieter ones.

An almost empty ice rink in the midday sessions

Last year, the Pavilion was featured in the opening sequence of the ITV show "Dancing on Ice", and has received a lot of praise from papers. It's even been voted one of the best rinks in the UK by multiple media outlets.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your socks, hats, scarves, gloves and leg warmers and book your spot now.