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Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2018: Round One

Who will you crown Sussex royalty?

The biggest and most prestigious competition of the year is here and now you get to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned Sussex's biggest name on campus.

The entries flooded in and having carefully sifted through your nominations, we have managed to shortlist some of the messiest, craziest contenders, ranging from famous freshers to oh so familiar fourth years.

If you still want to nominate someone who you think is the biggest BNOC going, you can still do it here.

In the first round we'll take a look at six UoS students, vying for your votes, and of course that all important place in the BNOC of 2018 final.

Dan Hawkins, Second Year, Zoology

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Zoology student Dan is described simply as "an absolute nutter."

Although he spends all his time in Patterns, Dan's more well known for his shapes: "He basically lives in Patterns and his dancing is so questionable that when he tried to start a dance circle on a trip to Portugal, locals thought he was trying to start a fight and he got punched in the face. He's hilarious".

Lilly McCabe, First Year, Social Work

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Fresher Lilly is looking to add the official BNOC crown to her unofficial BLOC crown. Her nominator told us: "Lilly has a big reputation to uphold, she really is the biggest liability on campus.

Visitors to the gym will be well acquainted with her, as "she's the prettiest (and loudest) receptionist at Sussex Gym," but it's library goers who she prefers to get more intimate with. According to her nomination, she's "the only person that could possibly manage to get with a randomer at the library."

And, really, no fresher BNOC candidate would be complete without a story that goes like this: "Her dedication to both her course and the sesh meant she once came to a lecture so hungover that she fell asleep under a table during a group project before she projectile vomited in Library square infront of a crowd of people and blamed it on 'motion sickness'."

Arthur Hutchinson, First Year, Music Technology

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Arthur's activities around campus will be known to many, as "this guy does everything, he runs DragSoc, DJ's at Skint and URF events and is just generally a big personality at Sussex."

In January, his outraged petition over SU officers posing with Jacob Rees-Mogg led to him claiming he was "being terrorised by The Sun and Daily Mail," after drawing ire from the Tory MP

If that wasn't enough to endear you to Arthur, try this on for size: "He once jumped off the roof from his East Slope flat into a bush to retrieve the beer he dropped. If that's not dedication to the sesh I don't know what is".

Fin Evans (left), Third Year, Computer science & Artificial intelligence

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No, not Adam TIckell, that would be unfair. Yet, Fin is possibly as well known around uni. "Everybody knows man, when that man is Fin. Fin was the station manager of URF from 2017-18 and is now the student DJ to the stars as he takes on a gig with Idris Elba later this month," said his nominator.

Again, not to be mistaken for everybody's favourite neoliberal beast slayer, you might describe Fin as a probably liberal beat layer. His nomination certainly did: "This one time he made a beat and dropped it so damn hard that Chuck Norris born. It was probably in East Slope."

Jack Boxall, Third Year, American Studies

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Despite having to maintain his title as Sussex Men's Football President and desperately try to scrape a degree in his final year at Sussex, Jack's managed to branch out. He's "constantly been dedicated to the sesh, seen in the Pryzm Cheese Room before swiftly causing a VK shortage," says his nominator. "What a mess this man is".

George White, First Year, Business Management & Economics

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George's nomination described him as "the most disgusting human ever, a standard loud, alcoholic, lad" – a charge he did not deny.

His love for alcohol has been known to make unlucky in actual, real love. "He once downed far too much vodka and lost control of all bodily functions right in front of the girl he'd been in love with for months," said his nominator.

Snatching the BNOC crown will make a boring year worthwhile for George: "He hasn't really achieved anything else this year so winning this would be a real confidence boost. Plus the girl he fancies might actually be impressed".

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