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Nominations are open for Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2018

Who will be crowned the biggest name on campus?

The wait is over. The time has finally come. The competition you've all be eagerly awaiting is here and its ready to boost/shatter the egos of Sussex Students from all across the land.

A BNOC (aka 'Big name on campus') is a sesh master who hasn't missed a single night out all year, someone who practically lives at East Slope and is guaranteed to be spotted at every Skint Tuesday, a Pryzm warrior or just an all-round, well-recognised legend.

Does your friend go out multiple nights a week, promotes for every club on the seafront, acts like their besties with the bouncers at every club in Brighton and adds everyone they meet on a night out on FB? Nominate them.

Is your friend the biggest sports nut you know, guaranteed to be seen on a Wednesday pre'ing at Rev's or Pav Tav before heading to the Pryzm Cheese room to down some cheeky VKs? Nominate them on the form below.