Sussex Uni are covering all costs to repair the York House break-in damage

The flat was trashed two weeks ago

On Tuesday April 10, York House was broken into and vandalised by a group of unidentified people. Police are in an ongoing investigation after intruders sprayed ketchup, mayo and alcohol all over kitchens and stole RayBan sunglasses from bedrooms.

A University of Sussex spokesperson said that, after the event, they "worked quickly to clean up the mess, returning the building to normal use the very next day".

The university are reviewing CCTV footage and will make use of disciplinary action, which could "potentially include fines against anyone identified in taking part."

The spokesperson goes on to say that "while our investigation progresses, the University has covered all costs involved in returning the kitchens to full use and has been supporting the students affected.”

The group stole belongings, smashed plates and also trashed corridors. Speaking to The Tab Sussex, one victim told us their story: "bedroom doors were covered in food as well, carpets completely stained and soaked, it was so gross."

From CCTV footage Sussex security have identified that the intruders are not York House residents. The investigation is ongoing.

Sussex university estate and facility management were unable to comment on the situation.