Police investigating after York House broken into and trashed

The intruders sprayed ketchup, mayo, and alcohol all over kitchens and stole Ray Bans from bedrooms

Police are investigating after a group broke in to Sussex Uni's York House halls and trashed bedrooms and kitchens.

An unidentified group of people managed to destroy several entire kitchens in the campus accommodation, ripping chairs apart, smearing food over walls and throwing alcohol over the premises.

On the top floor, raw meat was thrown on the surfaces and entire fridges emptied out onto the floor.

The group stole food and also messed up the corridors with plates and people's belongings smashed on the floor.

Speaking to The Tab Sussex, one victim, who wished to remain anonymous as campus security had instructed them not to talk to anybody about the incident, said: "Sauce was thrown everywhere, you couldn't walk on the floor it was completely covered with food and juice.

"Bedroom doors were covered in food as well, carpets completely stained and soaked, it was so gross."

Items were also stolen from the bedroom, including phone chargers and Ray Bans.

Police are currently involved and are investigating the situation.

From CCTV footage, Sussex security have identified that the group who broken in are not York House residents.