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Adam Tickell memes appear on London bus stops

The advertisement was a response to the Vice-Chancellor’s involvement in the UUK and UCU negotiations.


Memes have appeared on London bus stops outside of the UUK headquarters in London and around several London universities insulting the Sussex Vice-Chancellor, Adam Tickell, and Chief Executive of the UUK Alistair Jarvis.

Adam Tickell is no stranger to being meme'd. This time he is being called out for his involvement in the negotiations between the UUK and the UCU being the only Vice-Chancellor in the country who openly sided with the UUK whilst negotiations were underway.

The meme reads: "Critiques neoliberalism in academic articles, but privatises the university for cash".

This is in reference to an academic article that Adam published in 1995 where he wrote: “Capitalism is the enemy, but neoliberalism seems to me to be worse than social democracy. Perhaps we should set our sights a little lower than capitalism and attempt to slay the neoliberal beast”.

Since this discovery, the Sussex VC has been critiqued for his hypocrisy through tweets, signs at picket lines and protests, and on social media posts.

The second meme involves Alistair Jarvis critiquing him for cutting staff pensions which has lead to industrial action across the country among UCU members.

The posts have been widely shared on Twitter and Facebook however, some have claimed they could be photoshopped. Others responded to these claims by posting more photos of the advertisements showing them at different times of the day.

The posters are part of a wider art project called 'Subvert the City' where "artists and activists around the world hack ad spaces and dream of a future beyond consumerism, fear and division" according to BrandalismUK on Twitter.

Today (March 24) marks the beginning of the project.

Artists purchase keys for the advertisement spaces and install their very own brand of adverts or posters. These keys can be easily bought online and were even available to purchase at Banksy's Dismaland art showcase.

Some of the art that is part of the 'Subvert the City' project will be showcased at the 'Hope to Nope' exhibition at the Design Gallery next month. Adam Tickell might even make the cut.

You can check out more on the project below.