Sussex SU election turnout is better than last year… by just 0.8 per cent

It was still appallingly low

The Sussex Students’ Union elections have now finally ended. No more will you have to avoid the human obstacle course in Library Square made up of pushy candidates, armed to the teeth with crudely designed flyers. But, whilst candidates and the SU have pestered students to vote, it seems as if it was all a bit pointless as the turnout for the elections only just beats last year’s dismal 17.1 per cent turnout.

Using the statistics and numbers provided by the Students’ Union, we can reveal that only 17.9 per cent of students actually decided to come out to vote. Despite the increased numbers of students attending Sussex this year compared to last year, the actual number of students who have voted was barely more than last year.

The number of students who voted actually increased by 11 per cent but when compared to the increased number of students from the year before the turnout overall increased by 0.8 per cent.

Last year, Only 3,043 of the 17,803 current students (according to the Students’ Union website) at University participated in the student elections — a turnout rate of just 17.1 per cent. This year, 3346 out of 18652 came out to vote – a turnout rate of 17.9 per cent.

Frida Gustafsson was re-elected as SU-President with 861 out of 2784 votes, meaning that she received 30.9 per cent of the votes. Her policies focus on Better Bars, Better Campus, Better Union.

Breakdown of past Students’ Union election voter turnouts


3346 voters, 18652 students (17.9 per cent)


3,043 voters, 17,803 students (17.1 per cent)


3,601 voters, 15,433 students (23.3 per cent)


4,725 voters, 13,725 students (34.4 per cent)


4,411 voters, 13,868 students (31.8 per cent)


3,866 voters, 13,103 students (29.5 per cent)


3,511 voters, 13,166 students (26.7 per cent)

The SU has been approached for comment