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Students from across the UK are planning to hold a national demo at Sussex University

The demonstration is as a result of the failure of UUK negotiations


Over the past week, the UUK and UCU have been negotiating in an attempt to bring an end to the national strikes against changes to pensions. Sussex VC, Adam Tickell, has been leading the negotiations on behalf of the UUK which has not been taken well. Tensions have been rising on both sides .

As a result of this, students from across the country have voted in favour of holding a national demonstration to show support for a fair pension.

The date of the demo would be March 15. Students who belong to politically left societies and organisations are currently planning and arranging the demo. An event has been made on Facebook but as of publishing (March 8) there has been little confirmed.

The number of students intending to participate in this demonstration is, as of yet, unclear. We have been told that a minimum of 500 students is the target for attendance. In 2013, 800 people attended a national demonstration at the University of Sussex against privatisation of education.

Duncan Michie, member of Sussex's Labour society and SU president candidate posted on Facebook:

"Sussex VC, Adam Tickell, is the only VC in the country representing the UUK in negotiations and is the lead negotiator. This means that the fight against UUK has made Sussex its national battle ground."

Roughly 30 students representing Sussex Supports the Strike met to arrange the national demonstration.

The Tab Sussex is told that the demonstration will most likely be a march/rally. The decision to hold such a demonstration was decided by students who already floated the idea previously, and has gained support from many other universities.

As of yet, the UCU has not commented on the demonstration.