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Waterway to have a good time – prepare for political balloon throwing in Library Square this Wednesday

You know you wanna soak a Tory

Here at Sussex, we love any excuse to host a wacky event. A dog's birthday party, prosecco drinkin' comps, and that funky colour festival that happened last year. If you can think of it, you can host it.

Well it's time for another wonderfully random event and, that's right, it involves water balloons and politics.

Get your hungover deadline loathing selves down to Library Square for 12:00pm on Wednesday 15th November and bring your pennies. For just 50p, or £1 for three, you can throw a water balloon at a political party representative without anyone threatening to – yet again – up your tuition fees.

There shall hopefully be five political representatives, each representing a major political party: Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green party.

The aim of the event is to basically hurtle water balloons at people who shall be standing in as representatives for the UK's various political parties. The concept is that which ever party representative is the wettest is therefore the most loathed, with the driest being the most popular. It's the perfect time to release some of that deadline stress.

You can keep up to date with event info by visiting their page here.