We fooled you – Sussex wasn’t actually visited by Pennywise

The truth about the red balloons that appeared around campus and Brighton

The cat is out the bag – it is time to reveal that the 'IT' balloons were not a brush with Pennywise but rather Pryzm's twisted way of advertising their Halloween club night.

The famous Brighton club decided to terrify Sussex students by attaching red balloons to drains on Friday the 13th. Rumours were quick to circulate and the evil connotations with the date were close to coming to fruition.

Low and behold, there is actually a happy ending to this horror. Pryzm have revealed they are hosting their 'Welcome To The Losers Club' on Halloween. They're promising terrifying special guests, face painting stations, and fancy dress competitions.

This particular choice of publicity stunt made perfect sense considering the enormity of 'IT' based on the Stephen King novel. The supernatural horror film became the second-biggest debut for an R-rated film behind Deadpool.

Those who have seen the film will be aware of the dark connotations behind the red balloon.

So dust the cobwebs off your zombie costume and make your way down to Pryzm on Halloween for a night of fun and gore.