Creepy ‘IT’ balloons have been appearing around campus and Brighton

A terrifying start to Friday the 13th

A vast number of red balloons tied to drains – similar to those in the film "IT" – have been spotted all over Brighton and around campus.

The film's enormous success has permeated pop culture in the lead up to Halloween, but the begs the question, what are these balloons doing in Brighton?

The emergence of these balloons on Friday the 13th is equally as mysterious given the connotations of this day with "bad luck" and the horror movie with the same title itself.

When asking students of Sussex their take on the balloons, Rebecca, 20 said: "Personally I think it marks the return of the killer clowns from last year. It wouldn't surprise me given how popular 'IT' has become over the last couple of months that the clowns are back – I just hope that I don't have to see any."

A still from "IT"

A still from "IT"

With the film grossing over $600 million and counting, it's no surprise that there is a culprit behind these mysterious red balloons, seeking to scare Brighton residents by recreating the same sinister imagery found in the film.

Who is behind these terrifying balloons? Only time will tell; let's just hope that those clowns from last year don't find their way down to B-town.