Love beer? Sussex Students’ Union are hosting a brewery tour in Lewes

Imagine Willy Wonka, but with beer

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Sussex Students’ Union has just announced their brewery tour at Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes. The tour will be taking place October 18 (Wednesday) and is super special as the waiting list for tours is two years long. Yes, two years. How have we skipped the queue? Only they know.

You may have spotted Harvey’s Brewery drinks on cask at East Slope and Falmer Bar these past few weeks. As of publication, Dark Mild is currently available at Falmer Bar which is a dry 3.0% ale.

Tours typically take between two to three hours that involve a tour of the site, samplings of beers, and a question and answer session by the imps that help run the brewery. The SU have managed to sort out a special tour for Sussex students at the cost of £5, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Those wishing to attend are told to meet at Lewes in the Elephant and Castle pub. Transport will not be provided to Lewes however, trains and buses are available to head into the village.

Want to buy the tickets? Of course you do… Check out the tickets here.