Ho Ho Ho! Places for Brighton’s Santa Dash are now open

Have some baubles and sign up

Move aside Colour Run, there’s a new fun run in town. Santa Dash returns to Brighton on December 9th for a day of festive running.

Picture a world where Santa doesn’t have a sleigh and he never passed his theory, how on earth is he to get around? Take that image, times it by 10,000, and you pretty much get the idea of the Santa Dash.

The charity event, starting at Hove Lawns, takes participants on a 5k run all throughout Brighton with everyone dressing up as their favourite North Pole resident. The course is flat and is all in the name of fun so don’t expect a serious, tiring experience.

Participants will pay £17.50 to take part and are heavily encouraged to raise money for the event’s chosen charity, Rockinghorse, which is charity aimed at helping children throughout Sussex.

If this event sounds like Christmas come early, why not check out their website here to sign up and find out more information? 

Photos courtesy of Santa Dash and R and R photos