Fresher Diaries: Did you enjoy the wedding… I mean Tea Party at Stanmer House?

The Student Union certainly tea-livered a fantastic evening

We've never really ventured far into Stanmer Park, realistically, why would you? Unless you're looking for a great place to have a joint the outer reaches of Stanmer Park go unexplored.

It should be a more utilised space, it is really gorgeous – weather permitting – and Stanmer House was a jewel in its crown.

With the Casablanca band at their best performing all of their polished covers, Stanmer House was transformed into a scene reminiscent of a wedding reception. Chairs and tables laid out across the garden with groups surrounding them. If only the tables had name cards on them…

And of course, what reception isn't complete without a marquee and expensive bar?

How did the day play out?

The SU Fresher's Fair

Jam packed with pizza (yay) and promoters (boo) a plenty, Mandala Hall was filled to the brim with companies giving away tones of free stuff.

ASOS came equipped with personalised t-shirts at the ready; Dominos were the talk of the campus with their free pizza. Students left with bags filled to the brim with free stuff galore – from pens to yo-yos to fidget spinners.

Sussex Tea Party transformed Stanmer House into a veritable wonderland

The event itself promised; "For the first time in Sussex Freshers Week History, we invite you to tumble down the rabbit hole and discover a Tea Party beyond your wildest dreams."

From it's description, it had big shoes too fill, but the evening certainly didn't disappoint. The night featured a variety of food stalls, bars, a DJ and a mesmerising performance from Sammy and the Casablanca's band.

Freshers were given a taste of an alternative night out in Brighton in the gorgeous surroundings of the Stanmer Park – but it also catered for those who just wanted a sophisticated evening away from the SU and town centre. Aside from the drink prices at an arm and a leg each, the evening was sensational.

The café crawl and yoga were great for students who might not fancy getting smashed (again)

The SU hosted other events for students who might have had enough of the excessive debauchery – including a café crawl to showcase the best of Brighton's coffee shops.

The yoga class being hosted was also a great way for students to wind down after a jam packed week.

Our verdict?

Some complaints about the expensive bar at the Tea Party may have shadowed the rest of the event. The Stanmer House venue was amazing and should be used more, we enjoyed ourselves but of course we cannot speak for everyone that turned up.

Here's hoping that Sammy will come back for round two next year.

The Freshers' Fair was amazing, all of the Brighton businesses came out in full force. In exchange for your soul and email, the businesses handed out a cacophony of branded stuff that would introduce Freshers to the wide world of Brighton.