All the things you need to do when you move into your student house

Don’t get mugged off like we did

The spotlight may be on freshers but an equally daunting adventure is happening for 2nd years, moving into their own house. Some have already moved in whilst others are waiting for freshers to officially begin.

Nevertheless, we compiled a few pointers for you, yes you, to jot down so you embrace your new house with open arms.

Take photos of your house

Make sure to take photos of your new house so that you have proof of what it was like when you moved in, as often agencies can mistakenly charge students for damage left by previous tenants at the end of your tenancy. If anything needs to be fixed, you can report this with images to the agency so that you have full proof of the issue.

Always contact your agent or landlord by email

When contacting your agency or landlord, make sure to use email rather than calling them, as you will both have evidence of any contact made which you can refer back to. If you have a record of your conversations in your inbox, it is easier to chase them up if they're late with getting back to you, and you can dispute and claims made against you if needed.

Sort out your council tax

As a full-time student, you will be exempt from paying council tax. Make sure that you don't get any angry letters by applying online. You can apply as a household and will need the full name, date of birth, and student registration number of each full-time student living at your address.

You can find your student registration number on your library card next to 'RegNo', or via Sussex direct under Study, Course.

Avoid the red ink at all costs

Avoid the red ink at all costs

Make friends with the neighbours

With most student tenancies in Brighton being terraced houses, you'll likely have a few neighbours nearby, and it doesn't hurt to say hello. If they're fellow students you might make some new friends, and if they're a family they might go easier on you for the odd house party. Either way, it's great to have someone to wave to, and to take your packages.

Arrange your wifi ASAP

Wifi is the ultimate student lifeline, and without it, you may feel a little lost. It's better to arrange your broadband as soon as possible, or you might be waiting a few weeks for it to be delivered.

Who knew a box full of cables could mean so much?

Who knew a box full of cables could mean so much?

Get domestically organised

It may sound silly, but it's good to set ground rules as early as possible in your flat. For harmonious living, decide who's going to clean what and when, how you'll pay for communal items and into what account your rent will go. Otherwise you'll end up glaring at Matt over your instant noodles for not taking the bin out for the 10th time as you asked him this week.

Buy any household bits

From dustpan and brushes to light bulbs, you may need to get some extras for your house. Take a trip to somewhere like The Store on Lewes Road- this shop has everything under the homeware sun and the staff are really helpful with their advice. They also offer a cheap key cutting service should you ever need it.

They've got lightbulbs and bin bags a-plenty

They've got lightbulbs and bin bags a-plenty

Settle in

Make your house your home by covering it in fairy lights, photos and other personal touches. Living in a house rather than halls can feel far more cosy, and you can explore more of Brighton now that you're out of the campus bubble. Make yourself at home.