Free tickets to rival cheese festival for all those who attended ‘Cheese Fest UK’

It’s fair to say a few people were “cheesed off” by the significant lack of that golden goodness this weekend

The Big Cheese Festival UK has promised disappointed attendees to this weekend’s Cheese Fest a free ticket to their event in March 2018 following immense outrage this weekend over the lack of cheese and the self titled festival of cheese.

The two unaffiliated events created an inundation of confusion by event goers, who took to messaging the Big Cheese Festival’s Facebook page to express their upset – despite the fact that the Big Cheese event is taking place in March next year. The event released a statement on Facebook, promising free tickets to all those who attended:

“Taking all of this into consideration, for the next 24 hours, we would like to offer everybody who purchased a ticket to the ‘Cheese Fest UK’ this weekend in Brighton, a complimentary ticket to our event ‘The Big Cheese Festival’! No catch, we just feel you guys deserve to experience a true cheese festival.

“We have already sold over 3500 tickets to our event, we are not doing this just to get numbers to the event as we have them already. We are doing it as we are genuinely disappointed and feel it is the least you guys deserve as you have chosen to spend your hard earned money keeping our events industry alive.”

The Big Cheese Festival aren’t the only company to offer their condolences in regards to the disappointment of Cheese Fest this weekend – BrewDog also offered a 20% discount to all those who held wristbands for the weekend.

With the attendees taking to Facebook to complain about the singular cheese – even going as far to create a page entitled Brighton Cheesefest Sucks –  let’s hope that the event in March gives the people the cheese festival that we all deserve.