Problems only glasses-wearers will understand

A pain in my glass

Whether you wear them all of the time or just for reading, wearing glasses can be a bit of a pain. Everyone suddenly becomes an optician or fancies a try-on if you haven’t been gifted with perfect sight. Here’s a list of daily annoyances us glasses-wearers have to go through.

“Can I try them on?”

You know why I wear glasses, right? Because I can’t really see without them, and you asking to try them on most likely means you temporarily take away my vision to play some sort of weird, anticlimactic dress-up. And I’m begging you not to put them face-down after you take them off.

“Oh my god, you’re so blind!”

Once trying on your glasses, your friend will comment on how their visions go all fuzzy. No shit, Sherlock. They’re made for my eyes, not yours? Looking through my lenses does not represent my actual glass-less eyesight. And please don’t ask me “How many fingers am I holding up?”. I may lack some sense of vision, but I can probably figure that out.

The greasy-nose-bridge dilemma

Wearing glasses leaves a lovely greasy patch on the bridge of your nose. This is a nightmare if you’re a wearer of makeup, as your glasses wipes it all off and you’re left with a strange, red foundation-less mark.

“Why don’t you just get contacts?”

Maybe I like my glasses. Maybe I don’t need to wear them all of the time. Maybe contact lenses are too pricey. Maybe I’d rather not poke myself in the eyeball because I lack the coordination and skill to put a minuscule lens on my cornea?

You can’t lean on your side

It’s quite hard to get comfortable on your side and read a book or stare lovingly into the eyes of the person next to you when your glasses are being shoved awkwardly against your nose.

“You look better without them.”

Cheers mate. You look much better when I take mine off too.

Random smudges

Is this blurred spot my eyes or is it my glasses? I’ve rubbed them several times on my jumper before giving in and searching for my glasses cleaner and it’s still there. Now I can’t see the left-hand corner of my lecture slides and I’m bobbing my head back and forth to see the whole screen like a chicken.

Foggy lenses

Hot drinks and the transition from a cold to warm environment cause a serious fogging issue. You join in with everyone’s laughter while you mist up as you open the oven, but the joke can get a bit old. Plus, there’s the risk you’ll burn yourself during the fog.

Sunglasses, swimming and 3D glasses

Double glasses aren’t really a thing. You’ll either have to fork out a fair bit for prescription lenses, contacts, or forgo your sight for the leisurely good.