What do other universities think of our Varsity?

Other universities dish the dirt on our Varsity

After the events that occurred at Sussex vs Brighton Varsity on Sunday, we’ve spoken to students from other universities in the country to find out what they think about it all.

Amber, Kent

My housemates and I were all talking about it this morning. We were kind of shocked because we all know people at Sussex and we couldn’t believe how seriously some people take Varsity.

Ben, Manchester

It’s events like these which paint students in a bad light, justifying the opinion they are not ready to be given adult responsibilities and to be taken seriously.


Kyle, Sussex

Personally want everyone who ruined the day to be caught, puts us in a bad light and has forever smeared our varsity day.

Hannah, Lancaster

It’s to be expected to have some competitive chants being thrown around as it’s normally all a bit of fun, but there’s no need for any kind of violence. From what I’ve seen at Roses Varsity, between Lancaster and York, it’s supposed to be bringing people together through sport, so there’s no need to get violent.

Aimee, Arts Ed London

I think it’s all a bit mad really, but I don’t think we can blame Sussex uni for what’s going on, I think so much of it is conformity and people wanting to fit in. I worry because if it becomes any worse people could get seriously hurt.

Sam, Falmouth

It seems so annoying that people could ruin what is such a fun day for the two universities. It’s stupid how a minority of people have to tarnish a whole day by being idiots.

Etienne, Queen Mary

I am absolutely appalled at what happened at Sussex vs Brighton Varsity as I myself am from Brighton. How can such a catastrophe happen and not one student yell “WORLDSTAR”, for the culture? Dark times are among us.

Hamzah, Imperial College London

As a varsity athlete and supporter, I condemn the violence exhibited during the Sussex-Brighton fixtures. The games are an opportunity to express a university’s unity and talent, not an affair of aggression and immaturity. That said, the competitive aspect of sport always brings out hostility. Even at Imperial, a tame London science university, tempers flair and measures are taken to prevent the descent into violence.

Eliza, Manchester

I think it’s a shame that this happened. Rivalry between unis is fun but this is taking it way too far! At our varsity which is Uni of Manchester vs. Manchester Metropolitan there was definitely rivalry but it was all pretty friendly and after the actual sports matches students from both unis went out to the pub. The whole thing is just meant to be a bit of craic!

Kilian, Sussex

I want Sussex and Brighton unis to take a hardline approach to the violence that unfurled. It’s unfair that the actions of a few had to ruin the fun for everyone. The fact that spectators were injured is beyond any form of excuse for this catastrophe. This year’s Varsity will likely cast a shadow over those in the years to come.