Brighton student creates parliamentary petition to void this year’s Varsity result

He blames Sussex’s lack of security for Brighton’s loss this year

A student from the University of Brighton has created a parliamentary petition requesting that this year’s Sussex vs. Brighton Varsity result be made void.

The Brighton student, named on the petition’s website as Adam Berry, claims that the University would have claimed victory over Sussex, had better security measures been put in place. It is unclear why Berry made the petition on the government’s website instead of an independent one, though perhaps this is a serious enough matter to be debated at the national level.

The petition’s description says: “This year’s Varsity between the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton was cancelled early because the host university didn’t hire enough security to safeguard student welfare. We ask that the result is voided, as a fair reflection of the events that occurred.”

The request to void the results follows the violence and carnage that befell this year’s Varsity. The havoc included students throwing bottles, streaking, and major disruptions at some games.

Police and security were on scene to bring an end to the massive unrest at the men’s rugby game, which was cancelled and not counted in the overall points tally.

The petition is currently under review to determine its eligibility, putting a halt to any more signatures.