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Final year Media and Communications student interested in advertising, marketing, mass media and modern philosophy.

Sussex students set up pretend religion worshipping CCTV camera

It’s a protest against malicious campus surveillance

Yik Yak is officially dead. Long live Yik Yak.

Where will we anonymously complain about life now?

Bernie Sanders to give talk in Brighton

Are you ready to feel the Bern?

Student shopping night to hit Churchill square

Bag yourself some exclusive hefty discounts

Sussex Vice-Chancellor, Adam Tickell, to perform charity DJ set at Shooshh

The club confirmed the booking several days ago

REVEALED: The worst thing about Sussex

You had your say and here’s the result

Brighton student creates parliamentary petition to void this year’s Varsity result

He blames Sussex’s lack of security for Brighton’s loss this year

I spent an afternoon with the Church of Scientology

They were creepily persuasive

Sussex SU elections experience lowest voter turnout in years

Only 17.1 per cent of students cast their vote

There’s a dinosaur roaming around Sussex’s campus

Democrasaur is out on the prowl

Dinner for schmucks: Sussex tries bribing NSS boycotters with meal vouchers

The National Student Survey is linked to yet more tuition fee rises

Nazi stickers found on Sussex campus

The Students’ Union has condemned the culprits

Could Sussex be forced to monitor students’ University emails?

The government may require it as part of counter-terrorism legislation

Sacked Sussex lecturer’s abuse scandal investigated in new University report

It identified areas of both good and poor practice

Sussex Students’ Union launches new ‘Take Care’ taxi scheme

It’ll get you home safely when you’ve run out of money

Sussex students are being urged to get critical vaccines

More than two-thirds of freshers are at risk of the diseases

The definitive guide to underwhelming Christmas gifts

“It’s what I’ve always wanted” – said no-one ever

We asked you to name Sussex’s new campus halls

“Middle class Manor”

I nearly died from taking cold and flu pills

I laugh about it now

Sussex’s Clubbers of the Week

Step right up!

74 per cent of Brits are ‘micro-criminals’

From fare dodging to illegal streaming – we’re a naughty bunch

Let’s not lie, we’re not reading during reading week

I can say what we will get up to though

95 per cent rise in fear of LGBT hate crimes among students

More than one in three worry about victimisation

English university graduates are the 8th smartest in the world

We beat the Americans though, obviously

New Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell is hosting student drop-in sessions

He’s really looking forward to meeting us all

We asked Sussex students what they think about killer clowns

‘You get a lot of odd characters in Brighton, I don’t think anyone would even notice.’

We spoke to Buddies on students, nightlife, and the stay safe scheme

Did you know Buddies work alongside the Student Union to provide 24 hour shelter for students?

Brighton’s West Pier gets lit up for 150th anniversary

But this time it’s not a fire

The building of East Slope’s replacement halls is now in progress

2018’s freshers will live there

Quiz: How well do you know your Aldi booze?

Can you tell your Tamova from your Taurus?

Nearly 70% of Sussex’s visiting exchange students are stuck in pricey shared hotel rooms

They weren’t offered halls or even a shared house

Sussex SU celebrates positive changes to our disciplinary rules

Changes include repealing major misconduct charges for protesting and revising sexual misconduct procedures

You have the EU to thank if you’ve ever swum at Brighton Beach

They made our water quality better

Sun, ‘roos and BBQs: Why you should study abroad in Australia next year

Heaps of reasons to rip down to ‘Straya