Come have a look at the plans for the new Students’ Union building

Ooooooo, fancy.

Plans for the new Students’ Union building have been drawn up with the building including dancehalls, theatres, a new bar, and outside garden for students to study in.

The plans show a three floor building which houses the new student radio station, admin office, and offices for societies. The plans show a strong desire for the layout to be very open and by utilising flexible dividers they can maintain different locations.

Inspiration has been drawn from The Guardian Newspaper and Facebook HQ for how the interior design will look. The building will attempt to be a colourful and more vibrant place than Falmer House.

As of yet, no official name of the building has been released.

The new building works hopes to create a new main road into Sussex campus to alleviate the traffic elsewhere.

Plans for Refectory Road wish to be more pedestrianised, with the road only being used by transports and deliveries for on-campus venues.

SU president, Annie Pickering, had this to say:

“It is really exciting that the Students’ Union will be getting a new building, our current one is a little small and cold and a new building could offer so much more for students. If you have ideas about what you would like to see or not see in the new Student Union building, please get in contact with me via email ([email protected]), Facebook, Twitter or pop into my officer (first floor Falmer House) and I will pass on student ideas to our architects.”

The parts of the new accommodation will also be feeding into the Students’ Union building meaning that some students would be able to walk from their rooms into the building without stepping outside.

The plans are in early development and are still subject to change however the general ideas of the new building are starting to form which is exciting to say the least.